It’s a beautiful sunny day and while walking outside I knew that I shouldn’t put off my offering to Odin any longer.  I’d participated in sumbel with my fellow Catskin Sisters and I had promised to graduate this spring. How foolish! Delay after delay happened and I was stuck waiting for my thesis samples to be analyzed by a third party. I’ve learned my lesson and will choose the words I cast into the Well of Wyrd more carefully in the future.  For Odin I burned pine resin incense blends while I offered up a full bottle of White Winter Winery’s Dry Mead.  Delicious and fragrant, yet simple, gifts.

I drew runes to ask HIm if the offerings had been well received.  His answer: Naudhiz.  Consdering today is my last day of the semester (and it’s a Wednesday to boot!) I couldn’t have delayed the offering any longer without breaking my oaths.  He was direct and to the point.  I also made sure to ask if the offerings were sufficient enough so that my actions would not negatively impact the wyrd of those I sumbeled with.  His answer: wunjo.  (Catskins reading this post, you guys are in the clear!).

I drew further runes to ask personal questions about the nature of Our work together and where we are headed next.  After closing the mead’s portal to the Well, I had a sudden inspiration on how to finish offering the mead to Odin.  I live on the third floor and was performing this rite on my balcony that overlooks tall pine trees.  Instead of going downstairs and pouring out the mead at the base of the trees, I instead, grabbed the handle of the stein, raised the mead in salute, sang out an Ansuz galdr, and flung it over the balcony railing in a wide arc (after first making sure there weren’t any random folks walking around down below).  The moment was perfect.  The bright sunshine reflected off of the droplets of falling mead, creating a glittering rainbow that brushed the pine boughs while smoke from the pine incense curled around my arms.  It was a moment filled with grace. Simple and beautiful.