Whew.  What a seriously intense festival!  The heat and humidity were a trial during the first half of the week, but knowing that I had two workshops to give helped me to focus on something besides the weather and stay optimistic (if lethargic)…

So this year I gave a workshop entitled “Astragaloi: Greco-Roman Dice Oracles” that seemed to be a big hit.  This workshop was very time-consuming to produce, not only was the handout 9 pages! Yup…couldn’t pare it down any smaller than that, but the processing of my first set of pig astragali was a smelly and frustrating endeavor—which will be addressed in a post devoted to that process alone. :-/

Microsoft Word formatting and pig cartilage removal issues aside, I love the curiosity and questions that folks brought to the workshop session…since the weather was 90+ and super humid, I am touched that people showed up anyways.  I also had ample opportunities to explain why “even-toed ungulates” are the best choice for creating the proper astragaloi set, though there was much teasing about my nerd-speak from my good friend Wandering Woman.

The other workshop that I gave was a joint presentation between myself and Wandering Woman on the topic of trance states and traveling the otherworlds.  This talk was a reprisal of a workshop we’d done at last years’ PSG along with our friend, Cindy, though that talk touched more on the aspects of seidhr than we decided to do this year. Again, lots of good questions and folks that wanted to share “travel” stories.  Wandering Woman and I are considering giving this workshop every year that there appears to be general public interest, probably taking a different slant on the topic each time. 

As far as camping, we stayed in between Rainbow and Satyr camp, though I would love to get our own little Seeress Camp off of the ground at some point in the future, and do a public seidhr session for the PSG folks.  Wandering Woman and I split the cost of buying a screened in canopy and tarp, so that will likely become an altar space and oracular divination setting for any future sessions at PSG. The planning is always the fun part, and oh there will indeed be a rockin’ hand-painted banner advertising the camp space. 🙂

Hmmm…what else to say….

During the festival I made the acquaintance of Pomba Gira in a big, big way.  Wow, just wow.  Where to start?  After figuring out that it was “Her” on the other line (so to speak), I had a crazy intense desire to draw her veve upon myself.  Realizing that yes, a veve is a crossroad and a gate, I was a bit apprehensive about the process.  Divination ensued.  “Courage, stranger” was the response from my dice oracle of sheep/goat bones.  So…um…yikes! Twenty minutes later, I was down by the henna booth getting the image applied to my chest…and yes, don’t try it at home folks…not unless you’re ready to hang on with your tray table in the upright position until the ride has come to a complete stop.  Whew.  Wandering Woman and my friend Ms. Scorpio can attest to the power of that veve!  I bought her a perfume while at the festival titled “Black Sudanese Rose” which seems to suit her quite nicely so it will be used on her altar that I am in the process of constructing…

Hmmm…those are the highlights…met some hilarious and awesome new pagan faces while there, and can’t wait until next year!  Also, I am super geeked that one of my newfound friends will likely be doing a workshop on medieval flying ointments (he has a horticulture degree and a steam distiller in his basement…zomg so awesome!)  Now to plan out my workshop for next year…I think something Greek and necromantic maybe in order….