So, I learned a valuable lesson this past Monday evening…as you might have guessed from this post’s title, it regards being discreet in magical endeavors, but is also about having the common sense to take things seriously.

To summarize (and not give away details that aren’t mine to give) a “magical” classmate of mine and fellow mage had been severely harassed by a group of entities for some time now.  The “why” isn’t as important as the “who” in this story.  Being at his wit’s end (and understandably so) he asked the head of our teaching group for some help in figuring out who these entities were and what *exactly* was going on.  I should clarify that I’m just newer student in this group and am still considered a “newbie” in pretty much all aspects of the teaching program.

The advanced students/head teachers were doing some discreet (the key word here) scouting of a couple of them from a safe distance and properly masked from detection.  I erroneously assumed that because I was a “newbie” I couldn’t actually trace the energetic connection between my classmate and this less-than-friendly group.  I got close enough to accurately pick up on characteristics of one of these entities in particular.  That should have been my wake-up call to back off and leave the situation alone, but I still didn’t believe that I had truly “found” them.  So I reached out a little more (stupid, stupid, stupid) and ran smack dab into one of them astrally, energetically, or use your favorite term for it.  I was very much out-classed in terms of power and by stumbling into the situation I made myself an easy target.  That entity latched on to one of the energetic openings of the body and immediately began draining me of energy and attempting to drain knowledge from me as well.  It was hardly subtle about it and I was flipping out and calling for metaphysical back-up to help me lift it off and also had to notify the teaching group about my blunder.  Needless to say, this is the type of lesson you only have to learn once.  They were very nice about it and there was minimal scolding (though I was braced for the worst)…actually the embarrassment I felt over the situation was punishment enough for my stupidity.  The teachers had to help me remove the energetic tethers (and sub-tethers) that had been embedded into my body and thankfully the damage was minimal since they were removed pretty much immediately.

Why am I telling you a story that makes me look like a fool? Well, if anyone who reads this can take away the message that just because *you* don’t always take your abilities seriously, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work.  Prepare as though they will, and you’ll save yourself having to learn the hard way, like I did.  Also, be discrete when approaching any entity for the first time (especially those with a nasty reputation) and you may avoid becoming a target.