**Okay, this is basically a stream of consciousness wherein I am trying to reason somethings out…

This evening, an impressive thunderstorm has been going on for the past four hours.  There is quite a bit of lightning and unusually large amounts of loud thunderclaps.  The perfect kind of storm to watch from the balcony.  While I stood near the railing and witnessed the storm, I tuned into the storm energy (cautiously, I’ll admit).   While doing so, I had the urge to hum and chant three runes: Algiz, Ansuz, Thurisaz. One rune made sense to me (Thurisaz with it’s Thor/Thunderstorm/Lightning connections), Ansuz, I connect with Odin, magic, poetry–perhaps the storm was one was for me to feel strongly connected with Him?  As to why I chanted “Algiz”, I know it is a protective rune (and I’m sure I was subconsciously wondering if I’d get hit by lightning) but I felt like that rune was somehow connected to lightning in combination with Thurisaz (a bindrune perhaps? maybe that’s it…).

The shape of the Algiz rune kind of reminds me of the way lightning branches out.  I also felt that through the chanting, I was able to connect with the storm in a way I had not tried before. Gods, I am clueless when it comes to rune work.  There is so much power in them and so much that is hidden–knowledge to be coaxed out or won by determination and dedication.