After purchasing the oh-so-rare and out of print Haindl Rune Oracle deck (it was a steal!!!) from a merchant at Pagan Spirit Gathering, I could hardly wait to break open the new deck and do a reading.  I decided to cleanse each of the cards thoroughly first, which entailed using some “Frankincense and Myrrh” incense that I purchased some months ago from the Beads n Botanicals shop in Urbana, IL (best incense I’ve come across yet).  I let the smoke waft over the surface of each card while I chanted intentions of blessing, saining, charging, and purpose.  In retrospect, it did the job as well as any other cleansing method (appropriate to small pieces of cardstock) and it “felt” successful.

I first asked some little three card spread questions, one about the nature of the relationship between myself and the deck, the next focused in on any messages from Odin.  I don’t have a formal relationship with Him, but he sort of “showed up” and started talking at me as I was starting to work with the deck.  Baby steps…I’ll eventually get my feelings and thoughts regarding Him sorted out.

The highlight of the evening was a question I asked on behalf of myself and two others regarding a joint future prospect that we had been toying with.  This was such a positive reading, I wanted to share it with you…complete with pictures.  I finished reading Nigel Pennick’s book discussing the various meanings of each of the cards in the Haindl Rune Oracle set.  From that book, I selected the “Vé” layout, which is a seven-card spread in the shape of a “V”.  For my friends (one in particular since she already has this deck)…here are the cards.  As a beginner to using this deck, let me know how you might have interpreted the outcomes.  And yes, I prefer the Old German names for the runes…it’s what I learned in the beginning of my studies…spread interpretations are coming from a conglomeration of Pennick’s written material.

Card 1: Gebo: Past Influences: “Gifts of the Gods” used in a responsible manner to the best advantage.

Card 2: Uruz: Current Influences:  “Our” collective power to fashioning events through the conscious will.  Ability to   bring forth successful ventures through hard work and perseverance.

Card 3: Kenaz: General Future Prospects: Starting something new through transformative acts.  Having strength and clarity of thought.  Positive actions leading to positive outcomes.  Learning and growing from one another and through collective efforts.

Card 4: Raidho: Best Course of Action: Performing “right action” without hesitation, channeling energies to produce desired results, determination of actions, trust in one’s own judgements.

Card 5: Dagaz: Feelings and Attitudes of Surrounding Parties:  Bringing about unity, integration, and necessary balance.  Acknowledging a self-motivated positive attitude.

Card 6: Berkano: Possible Hindrances and Obstacles:  Be aware of the “growing pains” that accompany any new venture.  New concepts need nurturing–be prepared for avertable problems and seek practical means of evading them.

Card 7: InguzThe Likely Outcome: The “Astral Doorway”.  A great potential for growth and the releasing of harnessed energies.  A transition, progression, or completion of one set of projects to another (bigger and better things?).  Possible beneficial life-changing events.

All in all, it sounds like we’ve (the querents) been given the proverbial “go ahead” by the powers that be.  Of course I may just be wearing my rose-colored glasses, so it’s always nice to get that second opinion.  Also, the Haindl Rune Oracle is pretty awesome.  I got the feeling from these first few forays that it will convey any messages in a firm but constructive manner.  It’s not going to be unduly snarky about things, nor will it sugar-coat stuff for you.  I appreciate that.  I definitely have one deck (the Yoshitaka Amano deck) that doesn’t pull any punches…I also have a few friends that cringe when getting a reading from it…brutal honesty!  I also make it a point to always read the inverted cards with that deck, so that may have something to do with that phenomenon.

That about wraps it up…I may try to include a mini picture of other Haindl layouts in future posts.  It’s always nice to have a visual for stuff you’re reading about.