(to clarify– things *I* personally could improve upon)

I had an amazing time getting lost in a sea of friendly pagans for eight days.  It was a fairly surreal experience…for once, I’m not the weird one! (I say with affection).  I really appreciate the encouragement from Tamilia and Cindy for allowing me to feel confident enough to hold a workshop of my very own, as well as take part in facilitating a group-effort workshop with the two of them regarding our views on trance journeying.

For the future…the crystals workshop seemed to go really well.  People were amazingly patient with my need to insert geological facts and aspects into a workshop on the energy and metaphysics involved in working magically with crystals.  I received some positive feedback from a few of the attendees (at least those whom I was not already friends with beforehand).  If I were to hold the workshop again in the future, I would perhaps change it so that it was more of an energy-intensive workshop…as in: “bring your own crystals and get plenty of rest beforehand, ’cause we’re going to be trying some energy work firsthand!”  (of course, I’d probably need to have a back-up plan in case some one “injured” themselves trying a new concept out–gods know I have).  I  could always decide to split the workshop into two separate workshops and hold them on different days…hmmm.  Food for thought.

The other workshop on trance journeying, held by three-fifths of the Catskin Sisters group–go read more about the group at: http://catskinsisters.wordpress.com/

pretty much rocked!  We had tons of people coming up to us and thanking us for doing the workshop.  I really think the clincher was the live-and-in-person oracular session that my good friend, Cindy, did at the end of the workshop.  She took three questions from different attendees so we kept both the amount of time and the energetic strain to a minimum.  We did have one woman stop by our camp on Saturday (I think that’s right…) for a private, one question session.  This of course fueled our ideas for having a more formalized approach to doing oracular divination sessions that may end up in the creation of an “unofficial” camp at future PSGs.  Squee!  It would be pretty amazing if we can pull it off.

In other news, I received my first djembe drum at the PSG Magickal Gift Exchange.  I really felt like I needed a drum (no clue why) and made a bee-line for it when it was time to pick out our gifts.  Apparently I had my “game-face” on during the gift exchange since another woman (who ended up selecting the only other available drum) came up to me afterwards and admitted that she was afraid that I was going to snatch up the drum she wanted!  Ha! It’s true though, I probably did have a crazy look of determination on my face.  The little drum came in handy when I used drumming to ease Cindy into a trance state for the oracular sessions.  This may very well be the whole reason I needed a drum so badly at PSG!  I definitely plan on using it for future oracular div sessions.

Well…enough rambling out of me.  I have concluded that there will be more crystals workshops in my future and that as a group, the Catskin Sisters will be introducing more people to the wonders of seidh in the PSGs to come.  Can’t wait.