If this sounds weird…well, it is.  I am completely aware of that.

Recently I’ve been having trouble sleeping and because the semester is over, my normal sleep patterns are all over the place.  Last night, my mind was wide awake at 1:30am, and I decided to do a quick energetic scan of my body to see if there was anything unusual that might be contributing to this annoyance.  While scanning my head, I noticed a build-up of pressure in the back of my skull, right around the nape of my neck.  The energy back there was vibrating at a really intense speed, sort of a rapid cycling feeling–definitely strange and distracting.

Because it was late at night, and because I have a habit of trying things out that may or may not end up being the best idea…I decided that I was going to get rid of the buzzing, energetic annoyance myself.  I isolated the section of energy and contained it with some intentional energy of my own.  I condensed it down, further and further, until it was very small and vibrated so fast that it was almost a solid form.  Then…I squished it.  And grounded it back out into the earth, of course.  What was astonishing was the utter silence and calm that followed and the removal of a frantic and anxious feeling that I’d had for some weeks now.  At the same time, I was pretty freaked out about that…because, it concerned my mind/brain/whatever and I worried that I’d poked around in something that I shouldn’t have.  To be sure, I felt completely at ease, but also a bit emotionally distant and “not myself”.  This worried me enough that I decided I was going to do my first ever “crystal layout” on myself to see if that would help bring me back into a more “balanced” state.

This morning, I still felt a bit odd so I went through my entire crystal collection and selected individual crystals that made me feel “better” upon touching them.  It’s definitely one way to create a layout, based on touch and response.  The final selection was:

Feet/Legs:  Hematite, Nuummite, Amethyst point

Sacral:  Dravite (aka brown tourmaline)

Solar Plexus:  Selenite rose, quartz cobble, labradorite

Heart:  Green calcite, danburite, pink opal (forgot the trade name)

Throat:  Celestite

3rd Eye:  Rutilated quartz

Crown:  Giant quartz point

I kept all of them on my body for about 30-45 minutes, then I left the crystals on the heart and 3rd eye on for an additional two hours while I took a nap.  Upon awaking, I felt much better!  I feel a bit more like my old self, but without the rushed feeling in my mind.  I don’t necessarily think I did something particularly smart, but as fellow witchy friends like to point out, I try stuff because I’m curious: “What?  Ouch! Yeah guys, don’t do that.  It hurts.”  I will say that I’ve been extremely calm all day.  Like, ridiculously calm.  Maybe I shorted something out in my mind.  Who knows.  I guess I’ll find out the hard way!  So far, it’s been fine…but, we’ll see. *sigh*  I really need to check with an adult (aka a deity perhaps?) before I “try things at home”.