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I am having an angsty moment of confusion. You’ve been forewarned. For so many years, I’ve been drawn to crystals and the energy that they give off/transmute/contain. They were an integral part of my energy sensing training when I was a newbie at energy work– I carried them around at all times, wore them in my jewelry, placed them on my nightstand, and arranged them on my altars. I was happy and contented by playing with my rocks and enjoyed them to an immense degree both in a metaphysical and a mundane sense.

Where the confusion kicks in…

I recently have begun training in energy work that utilizes a completely different approach to magic and uses no tools or physical objects whatsoever. I am also highly aware that there is much more potential for growth, power, and efficiency with this system and am left wondering how to reconcile this knowledge with the feeling that my crystals aren’t quite as impressive as they used to seem. I am presenting a workshop at a large event this summer on the topic of using crystals in a magical context. This confusion is making it much harder to sort out how I will convey any information to the workshop attendees. I suppose I feel sort of strange and a bit guilty at the thought of viewing crystals as just “tools”…takes all the wonder and excitement out of the topic for me. Also, much of my magic(k)al identity was wrapped up in the affinity that I have for crystals and minerals and my gifts related to using them. With this new magical training, I feel like someone who’s been really good/happy at using a slide rule when someone walks up and says, “Why not use my awesome graphing calculator? It’s so much faster.”

Ultimately, I can still see crystals as beautiful awesome expressions of the earth’s processes/energy. They are still some of the best ways to introduce people to energy sensing that I can think of, and while I may not rely on them for more complicated spells/constructs (’cause they tend to break under energetic stress) it doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy them for other energetic purposes.