I just thought I’d add an account of a recent inadvertent trance journey that I slipped into while trying (unsuccessfully) to go to sleep one night…

I decided that I would do a grounding and centering exercise to try and quiet my mind.  After I had done that, I thought about Yggdrasil, the World Tree.  I wanted to try to meditate on the Tree because I am drawn to it and its energy.  I also thought that this would be a fairly uncomplicated task since it was late and I was tired.

Since I was in an exhausted state, I didn’t trust myself to be as aware of my surroundings in the Nine Worlds realm as I normally would be.  As I slipped into a trance state and found myself standing at the base of the Tree, firmly in Midgard, I made sure to call my fylgja to me so that I would feel a bit more secure.  Just in case I ended up wandering further than I intended to that night.  I decided that I would journey on the Tree itself.  Since I didn’t want to run into Ratatosk or any other random beings that I wasn’t fully prepared for, I asked the Tree to guide me toward a safer area that I would be welcome in.  *As a side note:  I fully believe that the Tree has a consciousness of its own*

My fylgja and I traveled up the trunk, bearing slightly toward the left and curling around the side of the trunk.  There was a carved niche in the trunk that appeared to extend for some distance into the side of the Tree.  I looked at my fylgja for assurance.  After watching the Bear nod its head, I decided that we should proceed into the niche.  The opening looked too narrow for my full-sized Kodiak Bear fylgja to fit through.  As I pondered this, the Bear shrank down to the size of a small carving–small enough that I could place it into one of my large pockets.  I squeezed through a tight stairway that wound up the outer wall heading further back and to the left.  It became increasingly harder to ascend the stairs…I felt a reluctance and a physical pressure to stop.  Of course!  An offering…or lack, thereof.  How silly of me.   I reached out and pulled at the essence of a small quartz crystal that I had laying on my nightstand, intending to offer the crystal to whomever was present.  Once I had a hold of the crystal in that realm it was no longer a problem to continue up the stairs.  At a landing on the top of the stairs I saw that it was a small home complete with tiny rooms.  I became nervous at the thought of intruding into a strange home uninvited.  I looked to my right and saw a small dining room with a large rectangular oak table complete with two chairs, one at either end.  In the chair furthest from me was a small man who was looking rather expectantly at me…

This man appeared elderly with a long white beard and a pointed cap.  I thought that he looked rather like a gnome, but I kept that to myself.  He motioned for me to come in and pointed at the chair closest to me.  I stammer a greeting at him, something to the effect of “I apologize for arriving without notice, I am new to traveling in this realm.  I would love to talk with you if it pleases you…”  I know I sounded awkward, but it was the best I could come up with on the spot.

The chair was interesting because it appeared to fluxuate in size.  I gingerly sat down in it and immediately gripped the edge of the table as the chair started to lower its seat away from me.  The little man laughed and said,

“The chair will set itself straight in a moment…you never know what kind of visitor you will receive.”

Indeed, the chair brought its seat back up and I was able to relax into it.  This chair was able to accommodate any size person…very useful in the other realm.  He continued to remark that he had not had any human visitors  for some time, although he had heard it was becoming more frequent for humans to visit his world more often than in recent times.  I asked him, rather bashfully, what he *was* and what I should call him…this might be rude, but I tried to ask in the most polite way possible.  He told me that he was very old and was associated with the pine trees in Eastern Europe the last time that he was venerated.  I got the feeling that he was a type of tree spirit or minor deity but that he was living in the World Tree because he no longer had a sacred space to call home in the “Real World.”  As for his name, it could only guess at the spelling and I can’t seem to find a translation of it easily.  It sounded like he was saying “Dvorni”  the spelling could be off or I might have guessed wrong at what letters I thought I was hearing.

I decided that if he was willing that I would ask him to act as a teacher in the world of plant and tree spirits.  I started to ask the question, but he cut me off by shaking his head.

“Bring me an offering,” he said.

“I brought you a bit of quartz crystal,” I tried to point out.

“I would like a decent drink,” he countered.

Wanting clarification, I ask, “Mead?”

“That would do.”

“How soon?  Does it need to be mead that I have brewed myself?”

“That would be best,” he insisted.

“I’ve never brewed mead before, I haven’t even started the process!  It won’t be ready for months!”

“I’ll wait,” he said calmly and firmly.

This shouldn’t have surprised me.  The amount of time it takes to brew and age mead most likely wouldn’t seem very long to an old spirit.

“Do you want the crystal buried at the base of a pine tree?”

“Keep it.  I’m more interested in the mead, but don’t misunderstand–it was a nice gesture.”

On that note, I knew that it was time to go.  I won’t be returning until I have the necessary mead in hand.  This chance encounter has given me a new project to pursue as well as the knowledge one can encounter helpful spirits in the other realms without too much trouble….but, of course, no gives you something for nothing!   A philosophy I completely understand.  Also, putting the stipulation that I must brew my own mead make sure that I am serious about building a relationship with this spirit and that I am not taking it lightly.

I made sure to show my appreciation for the tree spirit’s time and informed him that I would be back once I had completed my task.  I thanked Yggdrasil for allowing me to make a new acquaintance in a safe manner.  Once I had slipped back out of trance I slept soundly and pondered my journey in my dreams.