I have recently moved from one apartment to another and thus have encountered the need to have new shields and wards put up on the new dwelling.  I am not a very confident shielder/warder so I over-think things and generally make the process harder than it needs to be.  After talking with my teacher/mentor/elder about the nature of shields and wards, I have come to some new conclusions:

1)  Energy is a lot more willing to be helpful/do what you tell it to than I previously thought.

2)  Don’t overthink the process.  Tell the energy what you want it do and keep it simple.

3)  Everything has to be refreshed at some point, so worrying about what the best kind of object to sink a ward into isn’t really all that helpful.

With those new facts in mind, I have set my mind toward making a new type of house shield (one that I have seen work quite well).  It will be powered off of ambient harmful energy/overly powerful emotions/energetic gunk that you might accidently track in/natural earth energy via tapping into a leyline.  I am obviously planning on filtering all energy going in this system as to not affect the quality/flavor of my house shields.  There is a pool of energy at the base of the  shield system that will serve to power spells/enchantments/projects around the house that I would like to maintain without draining my personal energy all of the time.  There will be shunts in the shielding system so that the energy can flow naturally and not turn my pond stagnant with the energetic equivalent of out-of-control algae.   I will also try to set up an “overnight refresh” setting that updates/refreshes energy-based spells etc. as I sleep.  Might as well do something useful with those eight hours a day. 🙂  (kudos to my teacher for suggesting this one.  She does it automatically now whenever she goes to sleep…she is my inspiration).

Seeing as how I only just moved in, I am focusing on “cleaning” the place up before I plan on implementing this new shielding system.  My teacher also recommended waiting for roughly three months before starting this type of shielding so that your surroundings have acclimated to your energy first.

More to come on how this actually turns out…though it sounds like a fairly solid plan.