Feel healthier and stop food cravings?

I love the look and feel of jade and currently own green and lavender jade at the moment.  Both are bracelets that I have worn only sporadically until recently.  I find that I can’t wear one piece of stone jewelry for an extended period of time (i.e. 24 hours a day) because I become increasingly aware of its effect on my energy field in such a way that I feel slightly disoriented or have a sensation of pressure/heaviness in my field that only lessens when I remove the jewelry.   My green jade bracelet remained on my wrist for five days straight which is unusual for me.   I felt distinctly different and I remember thinking that my appetite seemed supressed and I didn’t crave sweets and carbohydrates as much as I usually do…for someone trying to get healthier and eat smarter this was an unexpected bonus.  

In the future I plan to experiment more with the effect of green jade on my eating habits and overall health-conciousness…more to follow.